Archery Range

The city opened the archery range in September 2014.  Due to the current number of area sportsmen along with the increasing popularity of the sport of archery, the city is excited to be able to provide this amenity for the community to enjoy. 
The archery range includes six stationary targets and two portable targets, as well as concrete pads where archers can stand and shoot. Each target can accommodate up to 2 archers. It is free to use and there is on-site parking available.
The range is located south of Hwy 19 on Garfield Avenue in the Rezac Nature Preserve. It is open from dawn until dark. The City of Lonsdale thanks the Tri-Lakes Sportsman Club for their donation of $3,000.00 towards the archery range project. 
  • Bows must be cased to and from range.
  • All shooters must use established shooting lines. No walk up shooting allowed.
  • Bows are not allowed down range.
  • Archers must remain behind shooting lines until all shooters are finished before retrieving arrows.
  • All bows must be on rest when archer is down range.
  • Shooting is allowed in the direction of the targets only. Never shot an arrow up in the air.
  • Only target tips are allowed. NO BROADHEADS.
  • Please keep our range clean, pick up litter and properly dispose of it.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on range.
  • The use of firearms is prohibited.


Map of Archery Range